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Hearts of Iron 3

August 20th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 8 Comments · Paradox, RTS, WW2

It’s their best selling series, so why not?

In other Paradox news, a new trailer for Majesty 2.


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  • Scott

    Q3 2009? That’s so far out it hurts to think about it.

    I have mixed feelings about the HOI series. I really liked the economic, research and production side of the game, but the combat left me cold. I wanted to see more blow-by-blow of the big battles to know what happened, and really felt the air force end was weak. Sending my ground attack planes to cover “regions” made no sense. If I was attacking Paris on April 1, I wanted my plane over Paris that day, not flying all over half of France.

  • TristanC

    10,000 provinces? It boggles the mind. Regrettably it seems rather than expanding their audience, Paradox Entertainment might be aiming for an even more narrow target this time. We’ll need to wait and see more details to know for sure, though.

  • malcolmm

    I’m looking forward to Majesty 2, but that trailer doesn’t look at all impressive. It doesn’t show much gameplay, and the graphics don’t look very good.

  • Jon Shafer

    Hearts of Iron (1) is probably my favorite game out of Paradox. Never played 2, so I don’t know how that stacks up. As Scott pointed out, there were always some things that just didn’t seem to work right, air and naval combat being one of them. That combined with an AI that was a little out of the loop meant that the Pacific theater in particular wasn’t much fun to play.


  • Troy

    HoI 2 – with the expansions – is a much more complete game than the original. The AI can put up a decent fight, the tech tree is simplified and the convoy system is better.

    The Pacific War is still not convincing, though, mostly because the naval war isn’t as completely thought out as land warfare.

  • Raelyf

    I’m pretty excited for both of these in all honesty.

    Unfortunately, the trailer for majesty 2 just makes it look like a mediocre RTS with dated graphics. Personally, I don’t care about the graphics and I really enjoyed the original Majesty style of play, so I’ll likely pick this game up eventually.

    HOI3 might be great. Improvements to air, naval and, most importantly the AI, would certainly be worth shelling out the cash for a copy. I suspect when it comes down to it though that there won’t be alot of difference between HOI2 and HOI3 though, which kind of dampens my enthusiasm.

    I’m currently playing HOI 2 and while I agree, the AI is much better with the expansions, it’s still pretty lackluster. It can’t handle air superiority or large scale amphibious landings; which pose some real problems.

  • Justin Fletcher

    What? Majesty 2 doesn’t rate it’s own post? Well, based on that trailer, I guess I understand…

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