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Three Moves Ahead is the official podcast of Flash of Steel and the leading strategy game themed podcast on the internet. Troy Goodfellow, founded the show in 2009. Every week by a panel of knowledgeable gamers with strong opinions on strategy and wargames meets to talk about games of the day, design issues and games in the wider world. The regular panelists are:

Rob Zacny: Freelance writer, Gamespy’s strategy columnist and E-sports editor for PCGamesN. Rob became a regular panelist on 3MA starting with a great pinch-hit appearance in Episode 42. He assumed hosting duties in early 2010, after Troy moved on to a job in PR to avoid any impressions of conflict. Also, Rob is pretty good at it. If you have any suggestions for the show, you can email him at robert.w.zacny [at] gmail.

Julian Murdoch: Freelance Writer and co-manager of Gamers With Jobs, home of on the best gaming panel discussions online.

Bruce Geryk: Former freelance writer, and former wargame columnist for Computer Gaming World/Games for Windows Magazine and Games Domain (pre-Yahoo). Bruce is probably best known for his collaboration with Tom Chick in their long running Tom vs Bruce series in CGW/GfW. This partnership has recently been revived online.

Three Moves Ahead is edited and arranged by Michael Hermes. You can find the official forums for the show over on the Idle Thumbs network over here.

For the first half of the run, Tom Chick: Writer, Former SciFi Channel Game Blogger at Fidgit and proprietor of Quarter To Three. Though always welcome on the show, Tom retired as a regular panelist in June 2010 because of his schedule and desire to focus on his own podcasts.

We have had a number of guests on the show, both from journalism and development. Soren Johnson, Jon Shafer, Vic Davis, Bill Abner, Jenn Cutter, Lara Crigger, Chris Remo, Rob Daviau and Dan Stapleton have all made at least three appearances. We’ve also welcomed developers from Irrational, Firaxis, Stardock, Paradox, 2by3 Games, and many other studios large and small.


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  • skshrews

    Woo Hoo!

    Looks like a great cast.

    Long overdue!

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  • DWAnderson

    Is there a URL for an RSS feed of the podcasts?

  • Joseph T.

    Concerning Dawn of War 2 in Episode 10 and Tom’s match against a high ranked player, the matchmaking uses a system called “Trueskill” which tries to gauge your ability by initially matching you up against opponents of varying proficiency rather than just every fresh-eyed new player. Ideally once Trueskill finds your niche then matches can be consistently challenging but within your realm of capability. I hope this bit of information finds its way onto the podcast. If you take requests then please make readermail a feature!

  • Troy


    Maybe we can do a reader mail episode every now and then.

  • Peter

    When’s 18 coming out? You guys have gotten me hooked on my Tuesday fix. Now I apparently get worried enough to post something when that doesn’t happen.

    Strange. But I do enjoy the podcast!

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  • zipdrive

    Hi guys,
    I just recently found out about TMA and I’m enjoying listening to you guys.

    As a two-year podcasting veteran, I have to urge you to keep improving the sound quality. The most annoying and easiest to fix issue I’ve noticed is that there are all sorts of microphone-handling noises in some episodes that really make you sound bad.

    Keep up the great content, and maybe point out topics discussed which are for veterans vs. newbies.


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  • The Claw |

    […] guys from the Three Moves Ahead podcast, hosted on the FlashofSteel.com website have been using the games Play By EMail (PBEM) […]

  • Sushi

    You guys should try and get brad from stardock on here to discuss elemental. As strategy gamers you ought to be able to grill him.

  • Troy


    We want to have Brad on, soon.

  • Kristinn

    Episode 73,

    I disapprove pf your wish to bomb Keflavík, considering I live so close to that place. :(

  • Jorune

    Are we getting a TMA this week? I’m jonesing.


  • Jorune

    Phew! I thought you getting these paying gigs might affect TMA.


    PS. Don’t go Hollywood on us ;-)

  • Troy

    We’ve never missed a week. I will be doing some traveling next month, but the show will still get up.

  • Marcus Lange

    I am a huge fan of your podcast! My subscription to “Three Moves Ahead” through itunes has helped me get through many days of document review at work… Thanks for providing such a useful service, and keep up the good work!

    I was wondering whether you could suggest any high quality podcast(s) that focus on the RPG genre? I appreciate the help.

  • Joseph Edmond Crook

    I just want to let you guys know that this podcast to me, is like how putting the bible in audio book form would be to a religious person. I never miss an episode. And you guy’s love and passion for strategy gaming definitely shines through. The fact that you are independent from corporate influence, and simply tell it like it is is the reason I tune in each and every week. I appreciate you and what you do. Keep up the great work.

  • Anders Lund

    With Elemental:War of Magic under new “management”, you guys should get the “new guy” in for an interview.
    Can they “save” Elemental? What are the future plans? etc etc..

  • Victor Dosev

    Hello guys,
    In the podcast at min 20:40 someone (sorry, I’m not yet good at distinguishing who’s talking at the moment) brought up the question – “What do you keep the same, what do you change, how do you extend the franchise?” in regard to creating a sequel, and I would like to mention a great quote I heard in that regard:

    “The formula to a good sequel is 30% the same, 30% new and 30% what people already EXPECT to be in the sequel.” (typed by memory)

    I believe the saying belongs to Sid Mier himself but it might as well belong to some other iconic industry member like Warren Spector or Will Wright. That third part is really interesting and deserves a special mention.

    Great show guys, keep up the good work and cheers –

  • Johan Nilsson

    Really great podcast. I wonder. Have you talked about Command ops: Battles from the bulge yet? If not when will you talk about this great game :)

  • Mike

    Hey there. In episode 155 you mentioned confusion over how a wedge formation was ever effective. A lot of the reason for the confusion is because the concept of the wedge formation has been misinterpreted and taken too literally. There was never a single guy formed at the apex of a triangle. Instead, the reality was that the formation was called the “Pigs Head” and was formed with a minimum tactical unit around the size of a cohort (300). The lead unit would fight in a standard linear formation with the remaining formations forming in echelon to both the left and right. The impetus of the backup units would have both a moral and tactical flexibility that would contribute to the breakthrough. When the lead unit makes the breakthrough the backup formations are there to exploit and flank the lines of the enemy. Here is a diagram showing how it worked. Hope this helps. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y22/1stltvels/Romanwedgeformationattack.png

  • tony williamson

    was intrigued by your podcast of Crusader Kings that I bought the game. really enjoying it. one that I might have missed if it weren’t for you guys. only been listening for a few episodes and so far I’ve been duly impressed. many thanks for the great review, and the original shout-out from the PC Gamer podcast. glad I found you guys.

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  • Shaun Watson

    I was writing in just to suggest an idea for an episode. I think it would be nice, and very helpful, to see one dedicated to strategy games set in lesser-known times. I guess this could be an article as well, but I constantly find myself reading about topics that have few, if any, games that adequately immerse or represent them. The chief of which would probably be the Thirty Years’ War. Despite its incredible impact on geo-politics and European history, I cannot name a single game that does a decent job of putting the gamer into that era. Love the site, love the podcast. The world is a genuinely better place with FoS/3MA. Thanks!

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  • Nick

    Hi Troy & Rob,

    Thanks very much for the podcast & websites, I’ve only discovered 3MA recently. I’m really enjoying the discussions and am finding out about plenty of strategy games I hadn’t heard of before.

    Just wondering if you could talk in in upcoming episode about some current good online multiplayer strategy games? I know you’ve touched on this sort of thing a few times in the past but I’d be very interested in an update of the overall situation. I’ve tried some Civ5 multiplayer but I’d like something that’s a shorter, tighter sort of multiplayer game. Is sins of a solar empire still a good pick for this sort of thing?


  • Matt

    Hi Troy, Rob, Michael and everyone else involved in 3ma. I just wanted to thank you for a great podcast. I recently discovered you too (like Nick, above) and have been slowly listening my way through your back catalogue. Keep up the good work – and best wishes from Down Under! Matt

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