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Three Moves Ahead is a podcast about strategy games. We talk about current games, classic games, recurring mechanics and themes, and talk to a range of developers and media. Every now and then we’ll venture away from our mandate and do shows on, say, eSports or F1 simulations, but, by and large, every show will talk about theme or mechanics or balance or AI or fog-of-war.

3MA was founded in 2009, and I was the host with a founding panel of Tom Chick, Bruce Geryk and Julian Murdoch. Rob Zacny joined the show in 2010 and quickly established himself as our MVP. In 2012, the podcast became a part of the Idle Thumbs network. They host the list of episodes linked about and a forum where people can talk about the show.

Rob Zacny: Rob became a regular panelist on 3MA starting with a great pinch-hit appearance in Episode 42. He assumed hosting duties in early 2010. If you have any suggestions for the show, you can email him at robert.w.zacny [at] gmail.

Julian Murdoch: Freelance Writer and co-manager of Gamers With Jobs, home of on the best gaming panel discussions online.

Bruce Geryk: Former freelance writer, and former wargame columnist for Computer Gaming World/Games for Windows Magazine and Games Domain (pre-Yahoo).

Other regular panelists include freelance writers Fraser Brown and Rowan Kaiser.

Three Moves Ahead is edited and arranged by Michael Hermes.