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May 5th, 2014 by Troy Goodfellow · 6 Comments · Me

I take this break from my busy life of not updating to bring you an update about Bruce Geryk.

Bruce is, as you know, an integral part of the success of Three Moves Ahead. He’s also been a strong backer of my writing and blogging from my earliest days trying to make a go of it in the games biz.

“Bruce Geryk” is also one of the first bylines that I learned to look for online, whether at Games Domain or Gamespot or really any place that had wargame reviews back when people did wargame reviews.

So it’s awesome that Bruce now has a site of his own for his writing – including older pieces and items he has published here at FoS. There are few people that connect history, mechanics and “feel” as elegantly as he does, and if you’ve listened to any of the recent podcasts this year where Bruce and Rob Zacny dig into why a game like Korsun Pocket works, you can understand that he is a patient teacher and explainer. He has forgotten more about the Eastern Front of WW2 than I will ever know.

So visit his blog regularly or just follow one of us on Twitter since I will be pushing his stuff hard.


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