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Flash of Steel is the blog of Troy Goodfellow. That’s me. Since early 2014, I’ve worked for strategy game developer Paradox Interactive as “Assistant Developer”. Basically, I do PR, documentation and work closely with the internal development studio.

This blog focuses on strategy and wargames. Because of the Paradox connection, you won’t see a lot of deep analyses of current Paradox titles; when Paradox games do come up (as they sometimes must), I will try to remind people of my day job. It’s also why you won’t see a lot of reviews here – it would be highly unethical to review a strategy game while I am helping make them. Reviews are boring anyway, though, so you’ll read more criticism and comparative articles. (You’ll see some reviews in the archives, of course.)

I’ve been writing about strategy games for a while. From 2000 to 2011, I wrote about games for a number of websites, both for money and on a volunteer basis, focusing on the strategy and wargame worlds. I wrote pretty much everywhere – Computer Games Magazine, Computer Gaming World, PCGamer, Gamespy, 1up, Gameshark, Crispy Gamer and probably a bunch of other places I am forgetting. Like many writers of my generation, I have seen media properties come and go with alarming regularity.

2009 saw the launch of Three Moves Ahead, a podcast about strategy and wargames. It remains the best thing I’ve ever done professionally and you can see more information about it on the page dedicated to it. I don’t host the podcast episode list here now (we’ve partnered with Idle Thumbs), but the show will come up from time to time.

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If you have any questions about anything you read here that you don’t feel comfortable putting in a comment, you can email me at troy.goodfellow@gmail.com — if you are interested in social media stuff, those are all linked on the left-hand sidebar.