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August 12th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · No Comments · Me

I’ve just returned from an exhausting in-and-out trip out west to take a look at EA/Tilted Mill’s upcoming city builder SimCity: Societies.

I bought a huge biography of Timur to read on the flight out west but ended up going through the whole thing during my four and a half hour wait on the tarmac in DC. Then I had to sprint through the airport in Charlotte to make a connecting flight to San Francisco that had already been sitting there for ninety minutes. The flight back wasn’t any less hectic, as I had to dash to make my connection in Phoenix after my SF departure was an hour late getting off the ground.

And I got no sleep the entire trip. I’d still be in bed if I was less of a man.

So there will be little blogging today, especially since I should sit down in front of the Xbox and play Overlord (which finally arrived from GameFly while I was gone.)


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