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Just In Case You Were Wondering

August 12th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 5 Comments · CGM

Yes, I was aware that efforts are being made to resuscitate Computer Games Magazine.

Yes, I have spoken at length to Mr. Travaglino on a few occasions. He’s enthusiastic, curious and asking all the right questions.

Yes, I am on board for now, with the caveat that the magazine business is hard, reviving dead publications doubly so. There are no guarantees that anything will come of this.

And, yes, Mr. Bauman’s flight to the safety of a grown up job will make any resurrection bittersweet.

But, until there is something concrete to point to or announce, I’ll avoid much commentary on what is, at this point, plans and notions.


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  • Bertrand Russell

    Why bring it back in magazine form? Bring it back as a website that can distinguish it’s self from Gamespot/Gamespy/IGN. The number of gamers that buy magazines is only going to go down.

  • Bertrand Russell

    Yeah, I should have RTFA first as that’s pretty much what it’s about. Anyway,

    > Travaglino, who is also working on Kitchen Magazine (!), explains why he
    > picked up the print-centric property: “I understand publishing. I’ve
    > done it before. I believe in magazines… printed ones, that is.
    > Although you could argue that computer/video gaming magazines
    > are prime candidates for going digital-only, I still believe that a
    > quality print magazine can differentiate itself from amongst the pack.”

    Although you could argue that 2 + 2 is not equal to 4.

  • Andrew

    Or better yet, bring it back in ROBOT FORM.

  • Lizard Dude

    I’m kind of hankering for a cheesecake form, meself.

  • Jimmy A. Brown

    While I do read both gaming and general news online, it is an entirely different experience from reading it in printed form.