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May 24th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 4 Comments · Blogs, Me, Stardock

I’ve been trying to hammer out an article for the latest Gaming Round Table, but I’m not very happy with how it is turning out. I guess I still have a week, but it’s one of those cases where you have an idea and some witty phrases, but the argument is in that netherworld between “freaking obvious” and “are you high?”.

I’m simultaneously working on an article for The Escapist. There I have a pretty good idea, but I am wondering how bitchy I should sound. It’s a think-piece, and I tend to oversell my points in those. Every year I get more certain that ruthless self-editing is the key to quality work. I have four or five drafts of posts that haven’t seen the light of day even on this blog, and you know how iffy the quality is here much of the time.

I’ve also got two or three reviews in the hopper, including my first one for GameShark. Plus some stuff for Game Squad which is on hold. Not to mention the early stages of a Twilight Struggle death match versus Bruce Geryk over the VASSAL engine. He told me it was a slick translation of GMT’s Cold War game, and he’s right. More on that experience once my Red Hordes finish consolidating their hold on Africa.

There’s also a little more information on the new Civ expansion at IGN and the new Age of Empires expansion at Gamespy.

Meantime, I encourage you to read Tom Francis’s game diary/AAR of a GalCiv2 campaign. It reminds me how difficult it is to pull off an interesting AAR. The two usual routes are humor (like in GFW’s Tom versus Bruce) or role-playing (like in innumerable interminable AAR’s you’ve read on strategy forums). Francis uses some humor, but it’s really a decision tree model of a game diary and I think it mostly works. I wonder if his conclusion is just reading too much into the game’s AI, but part of the game diary experience is rationalizing what your computer opponents are doing.


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  • Corvus

    Round Table: Can you push into into taking a contrary position to an existing entry?

    Escapist: Thank goodness for editors with near god-like powers, eh? They have been so effective at helping me hone my style.

    Post Quality: If I allowed myself to think about it, nothing would ever get posted. Fast and loose, that’s my motto!

  • Corvus

    Push it into, obviously… fast and loose… fast and loose…

    *gniltrohc yawa srednaw*

  • Scott R. Krol

    It’s good to hear you playing games like Twilight Struggle and PoG, but you keep playing them online. Make sure you get some quality FtF gaming in, too! And since you’re on a GMT kick I’d suggest trying out Europe Engulfed next.

  • Troy

    Easier said than done Scot. I know that I can find people to board game with online. In person, it’s still not a major component of my social circle’s activities.