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Hell, yes

March 25th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 9 Comments · WW2

The upcoming Games for Windows cover story:

It’s one of those “exclusive” stories—this time about the followup to Relic’s awesome Company of Heroes. Guess what? We get to kill more Nazis again!!

My money is on the Eastern Front, but does that mean that we only get one new tech tree? Do they recycle the Axis tree from the original game, and only give us unique Red Army stuff? (Which I suspect mean really cheap infantry and Molotov cocktails.)


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  • Natus

    Who in their right mind would not be overjoyed by CoH in the Russian Front? Why, you could spend whole evenings going from that to Red Orchestra and back. Bliss!

    Eastern Front wargames are especially popular with the groups I game with in Manhattan and Brooklyn. If only they played CoH!

  • Jon Shafer

    I really have my fingers crossed for the Eastern Front, but the cynic in me fears we’re going to get Britain in Market Garden or something of that sort…

  • Troy

    Market Garden?! Don’t even suggest that.

    Unless they have Canadians. In which case, it becomes awesome again.

  • Jon Shafer

    Hey, it’s the next-most well-covered part of WWII in Western games besides Normandy, so I figure it’s a pretty good bet. ;)

  • Alan

    Does this mean we’ll have to wait until the sequel for the Pacific theater?

  • Jon Shafer

    I don’t see how the CoH engine could really be adpated to properly simulate combat in the Pacific.

  • JonathanStrange

    I would welcome CoH gameplay on the Eastern Front. Although I am a military history buff, I rarely have bothered much with WW2-themed games, so while many may find it an overdone setting, to me it’s still new. Bring it on!

  • Alan

    I got my copy of GFW in the mail today. Market Garden is in there as the Axis campaign, and it looks like Troy gets his wish: Royal Canadian Artillery regiment for the Brits.

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