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Company of Heroes stays in the West

April 5th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 7 Comments · CGW, WW2

It looks like the Company of Heroes add on will be a stand alone title that focuses on the British in France and the Low Countries. Caen and Market Garden. Give Jon Shafer a cookie.

Fuller details are in this month’s Games for Windows magazine, though there is a teaser from Matt Leone at 1up.


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  • Tim

    Stand-alone expansion-pack, two campaigns, and two extra sides. This is pretty much all I could’ve hoped for, and I might even have a computer capable of playing CoH properly by then.

    It’s the two extra sides I’m particularly interested in, though, especially as to how they’re balanced for multiplayer. I assume we still won’t have the ability to play Allies vs Allies, or something like that, but assuming it maintains the quality of Company of Heroes this should be worthwhile.

  • Natus

    Too bad! I’ll miss the Russians, but I’m hardly playing this now anyway. But to think what they could have done…

  • Alan

    The articles says that the Eastern Front is something they’d like to do eventually. Of course, they also comment that they want to try and tackle naval and air elements too, so who knows. In the shorter term, I’m hoping they implement something along the lines of Dark Crusade, with a bit more of a high-level strategic element.

  • Jon Shafer

    Haha, I’d rather have the Soviets and no cookies! :)

  • Alan

    I wonder how they’d implement the Soviets, maybe squads are super-cheap but only start with one droppable rifle that other squads can pick up? Officers would automatically shoot one squad member if you tried to retreat? You could do all sorts of weird things with a faction like that.

  • Krupo

    Heh, Enemy at the Gates style…

  • GyRo567

    Red Orchestra is secretly more like Enemy at the Gates than Call of Duty 1’s Soviet campaign was.