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Civ Rev on iPhone

August 11th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 4 Comments · Firaxis, Interview

I guess it makes sense to port a relatively simple TBS like Civilization Revolution to the iPhone. If you want the full skinny, Chris Remo has a conversation with the game’s producer, Jason Bergman, over at Gamasutra.

This is such an insane project because we’re putting out so much gameplay to a platform where we’re being constantly told, “You don’t need this much gameplay.” It’s really exciting, and it’s really weird. We’ll just have to see how it goes. It’s a really dynamic platform, and you can just make changes.

Maybe Julian Murdoch is right – I need to get an iPod touch.


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  • Hudson

    Thanks for the heads up, downloading now :) Its on sale the first 48 hours too

  • A-Scale

    While I’m a total Civ noobie, I’m thoroughly enjoying Civ Rev on my Touch. I would recommend it to any fan of strategy or the Civ games. It mimics a the full version of Civ in the best way possible on this small medium.

  • Abilio

    And yet, they decided to tell over half the market to go screw itself, and made the game US only.


  • spelk

    I’ve managed to purchase the game through the UK iTunes service, so I don’t think its US only.

    I haven’t delved into a full game yet, just took a swift look at the interface and it seems to do the trick, I’ll give it a good blast this week sometime on a daily commute and see if you can drag manage your troops on a moving vehicle.

    It is good to see more established strategy games turn up on the iPhone/iPod, the platform is becoming very attractive for these sort of games. For me, you can keep your action games, where twitch responses are necessary, when I’m on a commute I want slow paced, saveable, thoughtful bite sized strategy.