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Crispy Minute on East India Company

August 12th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 11 Comments · Crispy Gamer, Paradox, Review

I had no idea I was rocking like that. Wow. I look kind of crazy.

I’ve said before how much I love what Crispy is doing with most of its short videos, and this was a lot of fun to shoot. There’s about 20 minutes on the cutting room floor, because the cameraman, John Teti, just asks questions and the presenter answers them. John, thankfully, had reviewed East India Company for The Onion AVClub, so he knew the game well enough to ask really good questions.

I really want to do another one, and hope that CG can do one of these every week.


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  • Skyrider68

    The video has a very polished look to it. I hadn’t watched many of the video clips; here’s hoping they continue with regular shorts on current games.

  • Skyrider68

    So how much time actually gets invested into cranking out a 90-second clip like that?

  • Troy

    It was about a half hour on my end of sitting and answering questions about the game. Then John Teti edits it together with game footage. So I would say a few hours all together.

    A lot of work for a small clip.

    EDIT: John says that it takes him 7-8 hours.

  • Tom Chick

    That was awesome, Troy. And you’re not rocking, dude. It’s called “being animated” and it becomes you. Well done.

    I know the idea is to get in sound bites, but I hate that one about ports having no use except to sell goods. I know what you were getting at, but taken at face value, that’s absolutely not true. :(

    And way to end on an erudite note! There aren’t many folks who could get away with closing on that comment.

  • George

    nice to see you in action for the first time…. on your official photo you look kind of old or drunk… but here you look really good and vivid… thanks

  • Troy

    Not strictly true, I guess, since you use ports to build more ships and refuel the ones you have. But yeah, it was a bit of a soundbite.

    Glad you enjoyed it, Tom. Animated indeed.

    And my wife says I look ten years younger!

  • Bruce

    That was awesome. Samuel freaking Johnson.

  • Scott R. Krol

    I agree, the John Adams fanboi market segment is probably right up there with average women when it comes to under-representation in computer gaming.

    Good job! Now we’re just waiting for Three Moves Ahead to start doing webisodes…

  • bill abner

    I loved that Troy. Super job.

  • Jason Lutes

    Great job, Troy! Awesome to see you talking about a game “in person.” I hope they edit those things better in the future, though, it was just cutting from you to clips of the game in an apparently arbitrary fashion.

  • [GWJ] General_Crespin

    Damn, dude, I thought I was gonna get seasick!

    It was great to see you on video though, hope to see that more often. :)