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The Things You Miss

March 14th, 2011 by Troy Goodfellow · 6 Comments · Me

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from friends, readers and colleagues about how I am adjusting to the new job. It’s only really been a month, so there’s a lot of HELP ME still going on. Throw in a very rushed and imperfect move and you have the recipe for me to continually wonder whether I’ve done the right thing.

I think I have, for a lot of reasons personal and professional, even though some stuff is yet unresolved. But here is short list of the things that I do miss most.

1) Running the podcast. Now Rob has done a pretty good job with it. He’s learning how hard it can be to get things organized when the clock is running low, but so far I am very pleased. But I miss doing the intros and nagging guests and planning a month ahead but no further. The podcast is the best thing I have ever done, I will be back on it soon and I am happy it is still going.

2) Yelling at my former colleagues. The part of PR that has proven probably most difficult is restraining that impulse I have to yell at bad writing, bad journalism, bad editing and general stupidity in games journalism. I wouldn’t do this *a lot*, but I’d do it enough and retweet other people’s complaints enough that it became something that I considered a part of who I was as a writer. Now only a couple of people get to hear my rants about how no one cares about the craft any more.

3) Yelling at my current colleagues. The past month has seen so much good and bad and misplaced marketing that I’ve wanted to write screed after screed about trailers, marketing strategies, money sucks, gamification…I guess you could say that I miss yelling.

4) Being forced to play new games. Though I do not miss reviewing games, I miss the fact that I would have to play them because an editor had asked me to. I haven’t really touched Dawn of War 2: Retribution yet, or Cities in Motion. In the last two months, the only new game I can say that I put a lot of time into was Magicka, and even that largely to help a friend with her review. It is hard to stay current when you are thinking about games all day but not forced to play particular ones at night. Now that I am settled and aiming to blog properly, this should pick up. But I am less likely to just play something random – it will be something I am expecting.

Now there are lots of things I don’t miss. I don’t miss assigning scores to things. I don’t miss rushing to meet an editorial deadline with only ten hours of play in and knowing I need at least another ten or fifteen. I don’t miss writing previews. I don’t miss looking at my monthly pay and sighing like a failure.

In all, a good move. But there are still some regrets.

Next up, French character post. Promise.


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  • Brandon LaRocque

    I’m still catching up to the podcast in terms of listening, thanks to being so late in finding it (I’d be loathe to jump right in the newer ones and missing out on some golden episodes) – so I still haven’t experienced a Troy-free 3MA episode. I’m kinda worried how it’d be without you.

    So – let me get this straight – you can’t review games now that you are in PR? I assume to avoid the whole bias thing? Or accusations of? You can, at least, keep us updated on what games you’re enjoying and whatnot?

  • Troy

    I can’t review, but I can certainly say what games I am enjoying and can talk about design. So that will continue on the blog. But there are conflict of interest things that I need to be careful of.

  • Shannon Quesnel (Strangeblades)

    Hey, if you ever want to arrange a meet up in Toronto let us know! I am only five hours away from the GTA and it would be awesome to meet you and other Flash of Steelers.

  • Troy

    Working on that Shannon. Looking at late April.

  • Brandon LaRocque

    Hey. If it’s in April, I could probably make that too – though, I’d need to check to make sure everything would work. Being in Sudbury lends me some close radius-ness. Regardless, what do you mean ‘conflict of interest things’?

    Like, criticizing a game you’re doing PR for? Or… ?

  • Troy Goodfellow

    By conflict of interest, it’s that I can’t comment really well on a game we represent, though I will be sure to add a disclaimer when I do. I also can’t rant as angrily as I might like to because they could be future clients or competitors of games we represent. So expect more design heavy stuff. Especially when I’m Angry.