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Field of Glory AAR

January 29th, 2010 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · AAR, Ancients, Slitherine, Wargames

Ian Bowes and I are playing out the Battle of Cynoscephalae in Field of Glory. He’s still learning the system, but he wanted to play another MP game and kindly asked that I join him. I gave him the Romans and took the Macedonians for myself.

He is blogging the game over at his blog.


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  • Alex2000

    Interesting… but unless you played this game days ago and he is just now blogging it in parts, it seems unfair that you get to sort of see all of his planning in real time….

  • Ian Bowes (spelk)

    I wanted to lift the weight of competitiveness from the game, and just pick apart the sort of decisions that crop up for a newcomer to the game. Having someone with experience like Troy to play against, then its almost a coaching session.

    I realise a big draw for the game is the multiplayer competitive edge, but since I’m still learning about the mechanics at play, and trying to get a feel for how the game simulates ancient warfare, I’m not overly concerned about the winning or the losing, but more watching and learning from the experience. Then documenting it as best I can, so that others can see the way the game unfolds and might be inspired to play the game too.

    Thanks for the shout out Troy.

  • Troy

    I’m not reading his plans. And this is a learning game for him. I’m playing to win, but still happy to give him advice.