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This Would Be Sweet

July 11th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 6 Comments · Me

There are surely better ways to spend nine thousand dollars. But it has a Command Center!

Who am I kidding? It would be covered by paper and books within three days.


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  • Doug Tibbs

    The company had one of those and a few other models at Origins a couple of weeks ago, and they were gorgeous!

  • Scott

    It’s like a pool table for nerds!

  • wildpokerman

    The emissary looks like a good compromise.

    Hey I see what they did there, they made the Sultan so it looks reasonable to spend $1500 on the emissary.

  • Jazmeister

    This is one of the reasons I scoff at people who say winning the lottery would net you more money than you could ever spend.

    Between this and some back-yard wind farms, I’d do just fine.

  • Alan Au

    After moving several times, I’ve come to despise heavy furniture.

  • Justin Fletcher

    If you can afford the Sultan, you can afford movers.