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New Histwar Screenshots

May 20th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 4 Comments · Battlefront

The updates on Histwar: Les Grognards come so rarely, that I was genuinely surprised to get one in my email.It’s been in development forever, but apparently it’s finally in beta. Battlefront has uploaded some new screenshots of the Napoleon themed game, and it doesn’t look as good as Empire: Total War. The faces look especially sketchy.

I sometimes wonder if screenshots are the best way to market some games. You don’t get a good feel for what this game is about here, and only the most diehard of fans will see these and say “Looking good!” You would need video or more text to really capture anything interesting about HW, I think, and a press release every six months with new screens doesn’t keep the enthusiasm up.

Still looking forward to it, of course, since Empire, as good as the battles are, has too few historical encounters to really sate that appetite.


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  • Thomas Kiley

    I think screen shots can be good, but when your game looks quite a lot like another, but not quite as good – such as in this case, it is just damaging to the project.

    If your game looks unique and interesting (and fun ^^), then images are an easily digestible format that can be quickly shared. Videos and text, on the other hand, require a time investment, which only people who already know about the game will be willing to put in.

  • Jason Lefkowitz

    These look like the sort of screenshots people used to send around to show why they bought a 3dfx video card. Ouch.

  • salwon

    Really the only thing they can do for this one is shut up until it’s released. Obviously it’s not AAA quality graphics, so showing screens is useless. If they want to put a gameplay video out I guess that would be cool, but then it would have to be in a playable state.

  • cheeba

    Agreed that screens like these can do more harm than good. Especially when your game’s looking like Playmobil: Total War.

    Still, the proof will be in the playing, I suppose.