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Bill Abner’s Top Ten Boardgames of 2008

December 17th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 7 Comments · Blogs, Board Games

Read it. You might come up with a nice gift idea for me.


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  • Bill Abner


    Several games didn’t make the list just for lack of plays. I REALLY like the design of Bonepart at Marengo as well as Nap’s Triumph. Diceless wargaming with no charts!

  • MikeO

    I was going to mention Napoleon’s Triumph, the best boardgame I played this year. The play is somewhat tricky and intricate, but once the players can get their heads around it, it’s just fantastic. Probably the best Napoleonic game I’ve ever played.

  • Bill Abner

    Yeah, I’ve played Marengo once and only read the NT rules. So sad. I really enjoyed my Marengo play and can certainly see the appeal. It’s like gaming on an old map with army bars. What a cool idea. Troy you’d like this a lot, if you could find players. There’s a great online version of this, though. Worth checking out. I played a lot of Manuvere as well, but something didn’t quite click with me.

    Same with 1960 Making the Pres. Really disappointed in that game, esp when compared to Twilight Struggle.

  • Bill Abner

    Troy if you’re curious, here’s a sample game of BaM.


    Looks purty, eh?

  • Troy

    I’ve seen BaM, and I think it is a very pretty game. Never had the chance to play it.

    Here’s a nice essay that uses BaM as an example of “The Look” – stylized representation that captures a particular aesthetic context as much as it does a traditional game.

  • Natus

    Interesting list, but Warrior Knights, really? Well, FFG’s games always play better with the expansion and the +$30 outlay, so I might just believe it. The re-design was a mess of euro-isms that just didn’t work too well.

    I need to play WoG again. Had a bizarre first play but now most of my wargame friends quite dig in in spite of the chaos. Hopefully I’ll follow them into that there breach…

  • bobeFrorway


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