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Rise of Nations is Good for You

December 11th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 8 Comments · Big Huge Games, Research, RTS

I go back and forth over whether Rise of Nations is my favorite RTS or the best RTS or one of my three favorite or one of the three best. These are important distinctions.

The University of Illinois, however, has found that playing Rise of Nations helps seniors in a range of other cognitive processing skills, many of which are not directly applicable to playing games.

(seen on The Escapist)


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  • Cautiously Pessimistic

    I would love to know what other videogames were tried, and how they stacked up. Too bad the article doesn’t give a link to the study.

  • Troy

    The research is apparently in his month’s issue of journal Psychology & Aging at better university libraries near you.

  • James Allen

    Top RTS for me: Kohan II.

  • Krupo

    Oh man, I have to INSTALL that thing.

    I got it free with the sequel.

  • Sexpansion Pack

    Troy, you should do a post on why you like Rise so much.

    I have always liked it but never loved it.

    Hell, you could do a best of RTS vs. favorite RTS thing. Those lists can really drive traffic!

  • Troy

    If I make a list here, then I can’t complain about lists any more! At least not as virulently.

    But a best vs favorite series isn’t a bad idea, provided I could find enough variation. I do want to do another series…

  • Morkilus

    I want to like RoN, but man, I get overwhelmed so easily in that game. Especially in campaign mode. Warlords Battlecry (2 or 3, I can’t decide) for me.

  • Natus

    I third the whole “vs” idea. And I also adore RoN, a bit less than AoM, but it’s just a splendid game. Too bad RoL went nowhere fast.

    I wish I could transfer my questionable skill at RoN to the Paradox games, but I can’t even seem to dip my toe in without becoming hopefully lost, alas!