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Civ IV Colonization First Impressions

September 26th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 8 Comments · Firaxis

It’s amazing how much you forget over a decade. Balancing crosses and liberty bells, expanding and entrenching, galleons and glory.

Even if this was a home brewed mod, Civ IV Colonization would be a contender for expansion of the year.


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  • Krupo

    I want to hear more about it. Reading about it in PCG just made me think, “meh, looks too much like just a mod.”

  • Thomas Kiley

    The question we all want to know is, is it a great Mod, or have they done something very special with it?

    What is the RRP?

  • Michael A.

    This is definitely more than a mod. After one (long) evening, this feels very much like old Colonization to me. All the old strengths – and all the weaknesses of that game.

  • Jason Lefkowitz

    Is it true that Civ 4 Colonization uses the much-hated SecuROM for its copy protection?

    As a huge fan of old-school Colonization, I purchased C4C with high expectations. Got it home and started Googling around to see how hard it would be to create an Alcohol 120% virtual disc image of the CD (so I don’t have to dig it out just to play)… and find a bunch of pages indicating that C4C is SecuROM-infected.

    If this is true, I’m hugely disappointed in Firaxis — and the gaming media, since I saw absolutely zero mentions of SecuROM in any of the pre-launch hype. I skipped Spore because of SecuROM, I skipped Mass Effect because of SecuROM, and if I’d known in advance that C4C was SecuROM-encumbered I’d have skipped it too.

  • Alan Au

    I’m not sure if it uses SecuROM or not, as there’s no mention of it anywhere. Gee, thanks 2K. At least C4C doesn’t have any of that dial-home installation-limit nonsense, and there will probably be a no-CD executable available before too long (if there isn’t one already).

  • Argiod

    It is, indeed, true Civ 4: Colonization uses SecureROM. Verifiable by trying to start the game without the CD in the drive. You’ll get an error msg with a link. Click the link and you’ll be taken to SecureROM’s website. So much for the legal right to make backup copies of our treasured software. Caveat Emptor!