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Colonization Screens

August 21st, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 7 Comments · Firaxis

When you look at this screen, it looks like just another Civilization IV mod.

Then you see this one
, and it’s Colonization the way it’s supposed to look.

I’ve written a lot about my admiration for Colonization as a game, even though it’s not really up there in my favorite Meier, Reynolds or Microprose games. But I’m slowly getting excited about this re-release.

September 22. Mark it.


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  • tatertot18

    If it wasn’t for Spore I would be more excited about this game than any other this year. I’m going to celebrate by playing the orginal until Spore is released.

  • Krupo

    Suh-weet. This is so very awesome.

  • Scott

    If if looks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck…

    I like Civ4, but personally am burnt out on it. Col4 needs to be more than Civ4 with a fresh coat coat of paint (although it’ll probably sell like hotcakes even if it is).

  • Troy

    I didn’t get a chance to see it at E3, so I have no idea how different it is from Civ 4, but given how many really unique mods are out there – including many of the ones packed with Beyond the Sword – I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a major departure.

    Just look at the city screen shot, for example. You have the buildings you need to use to produce goods and liberty bells. You have a small city radius that collects goods based on the type of worker. You have the colonization resource bar at the bottom. This is so different from Civ 4 that it, like Fall From Heaven 2, demonstrates how flexible the engine is.

    But the main screen doesn’t look different, and that may be a bit too familiar for people who have burned out on Civ.

  • JonathanStrange

    I’m in but…Civ IV is a victim of success: I’ve played so much of it including mods galore, that Colonization isn’t really particularly thrilling. Maybe if it shakes off the “enhanced mod” feeling I’ll get more enthusiastic. But it’s not a day one purchase for me or a planned buy. I’m in but I’m lagging far to the rear…

  • Jason Lutes

    I’m excited, especially by that city screen, but I wish they’d kept more of the colorful and super-distinct graphical feel of the original game. Those workers look kind of anemic and “blah.” Minor quibble, though. If you’re still able to take colonists and repurpose them through training and/or equipment, I’ll be all over it. That was my favorite aspect of the original, and something that remains unique to that design (afaik).

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