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Strategy/RPG Game Diary

August 1st, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 5 Comments · AAR, RPGs

I missed Kings of Dragon Pass the first time around, but this AAR/Game Diary has me scouring Ebay and the Internet for a copy. I really want to check this out on my own.


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  • Chris

    If you go to http://www.a-sharp.com/, they’ll burn you a copy and mail it to you for $20 + shipping. No box or manual, and they don’t promise to ship promptly, but it’s still available to purchase.

    I just did that this week, after reading that very thread.

  • Michael A.

    It’s worth every dollar, as I’ve commented numerous times on QT3. Tip: the key to the game is to roleplay; i.e., act like an Orlanthi.

  • Darius K.

    I learned about that game from Ernest Adams. It has been in my “to play” list for five years now.

  • James S

    Oustanding game! :)

  • Macguffin

    Woah! Thanks for the tip here – fantastic game! I’ve always enjoyed the way Darklands wove you into its story via a background shot and multiple choice options… great to see someone use it to excellent effect. First time I’ve had a “woah, it’s 3am?!” in a bit.