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Demigod Finds A Publisher

April 7th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 2 Comments · Gas Powered Games, Stardock

With Sins of a Solar Empire being an even bigger hit than anyone imagined, it makes sense for Stardock to seek out and publish other games. They now have, after all, thousands and thousands of consumers who may have not even tried Galactic Civilizations.

Today, Stardock and Gas Powered Games announced their publishing partnership for Demigod. The game has slipped to 2009, but that wasn’t entirely unexpected.

Demigod is one of those games that has me immediately fascinated, almost completely because of how it looks. But the look means an inevitably bulky install. This will be the largest game Stardock has ever published, to be sure. Supreme Commander is ten times the size of Galactic Civilizations II.


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  • SwiftRanger

    Yeah, it uses the same engine although it does seem a bit smaller in scope. We probably shouldn’t expect three sides with 80 units each on 80x80km maps (which were quite huge in file size as well). No real campaign should also lessen that install size probably (you can’t imagine how much HD space is ‘wasted’ with the SupCom campaign briefings/voices).

  • Darius K.

    Wow, this is great news! I’m really glad to see Stardock publishing such a high-profile title. I’m guessing this means it’ll be available for digital download using Stardock’s distribution system?