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Minotaurs in Armor

January 8th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Gas Powered Games

I’m not a huge Supreme Commander fan. It’s a game I respect more than I like, since I get what Gas Powered Games is trying to do though it doesn’t scratch any of my personal itches.

But when their next game, Demigod, has images like this, it would be curmudgeonly of me not to get a little bit excited.

Sure, it could be a bullshot. Early screens from barely announced games inevitably are. But there’s something about an army of minotaurs with warhammers.


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  • SwiftRanger

    Demigod sounds and looks like the anti-Supreme Commander, could be a nice change of pace (literally).

    I don’t think these first screens are bullshots like the first SupCom “screenshots” were for example, those were basically glorified 2D art assets stitched on to a rendered map.

    Besides, if you look closely at the smoke surrounding the staff of that flying hero(?) you can see some rectangular graphical errors, seems like the SupCom engine alright. :)

  • Troy

    Yeah, a friend just pointed that same stuff out to me. So there’s a chance this could be for real.

    So I’m probably a little too cynical…

    Games for Windows has a cover story on Demigod this month, so I’ll have more to say once I read it. I think you are right that this could be the anti-SupCom in many ways.

    Still, minotaurs. And a horned helmet dude who looks like he walked out of Overlord to find new worlds to corrupt. What’s not to like?

  • von Schmidt

    “Play as an Assassin-class hero, and the game plays like an action-RPG; play as a General, and Demigod plays more like a strategy game.”

    Sounds like “Heroes of Annihilated Empires – Chapter 1”; and we all know how well that worked out by the lack of a Chapter 2.