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The Best Extension Ever

August 29th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 5 Comments · Me

I’m not a technology evangelist of any sort. I use things that work well and let me do the things that I like to do. I’m really a terrible fanboy.

But if you do any sort of research or writing, then this extension should persuade you of the virtues of Firefox. Zotero lets you create your bibliography as you go, saves snapshots of web articles you’ve read, archives what you’ve found in online databases and gives you room to add notes on specific articles or books as you go along.

I have one book half-researched and another half-conceived. Since I practically live at my computer, this sort of tool will make my completion of either of these projects more likely. Tech is supposed to reduce the busy work, right? And Zotero does just that.


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  • moorpipe

    I currently use Onfolio as an add-on to Internet Explorer. Onfolio is a great tool (use it every day) similar to Zotero. Actually Onfolio is for me the prime reason not to switch to Firefox. Now thanks to your tip I might be able to make the switch.


  • jonathanstrange

    It looks extremely interesting and, more to the point, useful. Thanks.

  • GBell

    Interesting looking extension. A good stand alone is the Endnote program. It was one of the major reasons I actually finished my Masters thesis – a program that can automatically format in-text notes and your bibliography.

  • Troy

    Endnote is great. A lot of people I knew from grad school used it. It is, of course, expensive, as all specialized software is.

  • Chaim Krause

    Zotero is indeed great. It’s focus is on scholarly research and has a lot of features to help with bibliographies and such. There is another Firefox extension, Scrapbook, that I use that doesn’t have all of the overhead of Zotero, but provides many of the core features, like saving only portions of a web page and adding notes, that are needed for everyday use.