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Call for Contacts

August 16th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Me

I’m doing research for an article and could use a little help from my seven or eight readers.

If you know someone who:

a) Plays The Sims and buys every expansion, and
b) Doesn’t spend a lot of time in the online Sims community, or
c) Has bought the core Sims game in the recent past (say last six months)

I would appreciate it if you could have them drop me a note at troy DOT goodfellow AT gmail.com

I can find the community people and modders quite easily, so don’t worry about that stuff. It’s the invisible hardcore that I need your help locating. New users are especially interesting because they are either late adopters or something else.


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  • Bertrand Russell

    The other day I saw this gorgeous woman (~22) in the PC game isle of my local Best Buy. She was really into whatever games she was looking at, so I got a little closer so I could take a look. Yup, she was picking out a Sims expansion. I could almost see the little green jewel thing over our heads.

    Totally random, and no help at all.

  • Jason

    “It’s the invisible hardcore that I need your help locating.”

    Hmm, this sounds suspiciously like one of those “first against the wall” ploys. Don’t do it, people! Don’t betray your loved ones to the next Cultural Revolution. Let them wallow in their shame in sheltering anonymity.

  • sarah

    I’m brand new.
    I just bought the Sims Complete two weeks ago.