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I Love a Good Mystery

July 27th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 4 Comments · Electronic Arts, RTS

Odds are this isn’t one.

A big Command and Conquer 3 announcement on August 7? Oh, whatever could it be?

A movie, with all your favorite B-listers reprising their roles in the cinematic glories of Tiberium Wars?

They are porting it to the Wii?

EA is making a new turn based version for all those people too smart to play RTS?

It’s an expansion, guys. I have no confirmation on this, but this is too much fluff so anything smaller and anything larger would be a little ridiculous.

Fill the comments box with your wishlist for what is the year’s best strategy game – so far.


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  • Luke

    It’s the year’s best strategy game, until a multiplayer match goes over 15 minutes. By then, the map is cleaned of its resources, and pacing goes out the window. Imagine a NASCAR race where the final laps had to be completed at under 40 MPH by all cars. It’s a notable design flaw, even if it happens infrequently. See for yourself:


  • Troy

    I haven’t had that problem, but then I don’t play at the highest levels of competition where every Tiberium harvesting opportunity is maximized. I’ve had many games go longer than 15 minutes with no trouble besides keeping my guys alive.

  • Gremmi

    Lando and Michael Ironside are not B-Listers. You take that back right now.

  • Alan

    I’m half expecting them to announce that Bruce Campbell and John Hodgman have signed on to do FMV sequences.