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Going Medieval, Urban Style

July 27th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Medieval, Preview, RTS

Looks like we are getting a new RTS about the First Crusade. Virgin PLAY and Neocore have announced Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come as a November release.

So far zero artwork or information besides stating that the game will be set in the First Crusade, when Pope Urban decided to keep Christian princes from killing each other by pointing them at other people to kill. Papal influence grows, nobles look for a shortcut to heaven by Crusading and the feudal order starts taking more steps towards centralized kingdoms.

This being a real time strategy game, you won’t see any of that stuff. Well, maybe the story based campaign will be about a French nobleman who tries to redeem his sins by joining the quest for the Holy Land. Maybe it will be about a French blacksmith who learns he is a French noble and then learns that the Templars are, like, total jerks.

November is coming soon, so it’s odd that there is nothing public available about this game beyond the press release. The only information I can find on Neocore is that they were working on a King Arthur game a couple of years ago, also real time strategy.


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  • WanderingTaoist

    Sadly, I too miss a good strategy game from the times of the crusades. Crusader Kings by Paradox were more about genetic engineering than true crusadeering. Maybe next time.

  • Scott R. Krol

    If you’re willing to go the cardboard route, Onward Christian Soldiers from GMT is your best bet for waging war on the heathens. Covers the first three crusades.

  • Michael A.


    Thanks for reminding me about two and a half wasted hours of my life that I’ll never get back.