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Aging Gracefully?

June 2nd, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Me

The first game I bought for my Xbox 360 was MLB 2K7. The local used CD shop had it on sale and baseball is the best game. I really love my management sims, so the chance to relive my action sports days with my Washington Nationals is very appealing.

Boy do I suck.

Part of it is the number of things I have to deal with on the controller. Bumpers. Joysticks. Triggers. D-pad. Four buttons. Instead of pushing a button to swing, I have to time the release of one of the sticks. I lost my exhibitions game 11-1, finally scoring in the 9th inning and striking out 12 times.

I am hoping that some of this incompetence is due to basic unfamiliarity with when I am supposed to do what. I fear, however, that a lot of it is because my action-y reflexes have atrophied to such an extent that death and failure will be my lot with a console heavy on twitch/timing/vertigo gameplay. Have I gotten to the point where I’m just too old for today’s biggest games?

(My Live name, by the way, is troysg. I may put a gamecard here on the sidebar.)


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  • jason

    As much as it shames me to admit, I was just as awful as you were when I tried playing it. I play tons of console games, but I hadn’t played a sports game since Tecmo Bowl, and I know virtually nothing about actual sports…it was all so foreign to me.

    When I tried playing College Hoops it took me ten minutes to figure out how the menus work.

    And I work for the company!

  • Arlo

    I don’t own any consoles any more and rarely play anything more action intensive than a fps. I figure when I get around to picking up a Wii that my reactions will have decayed quite a bit.

    Great blog by the way.

  • Scott R. Krol

    You’ll get better in time, although I’ll be honest most of my console accidental deaths occur because I’m hitting the wrong button, or not hitting the button in the right sequence, or totally missing the button.

    Now, is this your first console or did you own any of the previous generation consoles? I know going from my PS2 to the 360 was a different experience, but I can only imagine going straight from a PC to a 360…