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Theatre of War: Five Opening Moments

May 14th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · No Comments · Battlefront, WW2

1. Dual core computers are not exactly new, so why do I have to turn the second core off in order for the game to run properly? I want to use all my processing power.

2. These loading screens take forever.

3. The first campaign on the list lets you play as Poland in September 1939. “Stop the German advance.” Yeah, this’ll be easy.

4. The game looks much, much better zoomed in tight than it does zoomed out. From a distance, it’s a mediocre landscape. Up close, your army men look like men.

5. So far, it’s a prettier Combat Mission but with no random scenario generator. (I’m gonna miss that.) Still getting the hang of cover – I’m not sure why it works some times and not others. Maybe taller Germans can see me?


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