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Commander: Europe at War Preview

April 30th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · No Comments · Preview, Wargames, WW2

Greg Costikyan has posted a comparative preview of Slitherine’s upcoming WW2 grand strategy game, Commander: Europe at War. Greg analyzes some of the design decisions in Europe at War in light of other attempts to model the conflict.

It’s a brief essay on the mechanics of various games and how they mirror either good design or good history, but I can’t make too much of his conclusions without trying Europe at War. I like Hearts of Iron better than he does, but that shouldn’t be too surprising.

(To prevent the comment section from turning into a Don Imus discussion, I’ll refrain from spending too much time on Greg’s unfortunate (if thematically appropriate) use of the word “Nips”. Besides, everyone knows that the word “perfidious” has to be followed by “Albion”.)


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