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Civilization IV: Warlords summary

March 20th, 2006 by Troy Goodfellow · No Comments · Firaxis, Preview

A quick scan of the fact sheet for the upcoming Civ IV expansion shows few surprises. Here are some of the additions and some of my notes.

A new great person type: the “Warlord.” — Why go with a whole new word and not just “Great General” to go with the Great Scientist or Great Prophet thing? And will there be military specialists to go with this great person?

Vassal States — Conquering civilizations in Civ IV is a major undertaking, so I can only imagine that vassal states are similar to the subjugating peace option available in Alpha Centauri. Instead of destroying the enemy outright, I suspect that, if you are really crushing an enemy, you will have the option to make them your puppet.

6 New Civilizations with unique units. — Which civs? No idea and no clues from the screenshots. But here’s my guess – Vikings, Babylonians, Zulu, Turks, Carthaginians and Iroquois.

Ten new leaders — Screenshots already reveal Augustus, Stalin, Churchill and an Egyptian, probably Ramsses. So that leaves six leaders to cover six new civs. Not a lot of options for the new guys.

New Scenarios: Chinese Unification, Peloponnesian Wars, Alexander’s Conquests, Rise of Rome, Vikings, Genghis Khan — Well, the Vikings scenario confirms the Vikings as a civ, and the Rise of Rome description mentions Carthage, so two of my guesses are spot on. Three scenarios in the ancient Mediterranean and two in East Asia is pretty familiar to me. I guess it’s time for me to get to work on my scenario of the Hussite Wars if I want some really new adventures.

The usual chrome: new units, new resources, unique buildings — What types of new units? Screenshots show trebuchets and slingers. New resources should include tobacco, or something that doesn’t make the musket available to just everyone. I miss fighting for saltpeter. Each civ will get a unique building, too. I’m guessing something philosophical for the Greeks. Maybe a movie theater for the Americans.

In all, a typical “more, more, more” expansion pack. It’s only a few months off, and I will be there opening day buying it as soon as I can. I’m a lemming.

But I’m not sold on this expansion being necessarily great. Remember Civ III: Play the World? Well, this new expansion will include all that stuff we were promised back in the fall like the pitboss, and, I assuming, the mod tools. This too could spell disaster.

Of course, that was all fixed with Civ III: Conquests and all was forgiven. I can never stay mad at these guys.


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