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They Came From Hollywood

April 1st, 2005 by Troy Goodfellow · No Comments · Uncategorized

It looks like progress is slowly being made on the long anticipated movie monster smash-up They Came From Hollywood. New screenshots show rampages in amusement parks and the developers report that some of the cities will be set in non-modern settings – one in the 50s, one in the 20s, etc.

Beyond the very cool screenshots and very amusing website, there are still a lot of questions about TCFH. Will it keep the player coming back once they’ve crushed everything? The screens seem to keep track of property damage and people killed, but how does this work into gameplay? Do you need to kill a certain number to move on? Is there a campaign at all or is it just freeform destruction? Does your monster have goals?

For my interest, is this a comedy-action game or is there some strategy involved?

Some people have been following TCFH for a long time – it’s the Duke Nukem Forever of independent gaming. (You can find old screenshots on its website dated April 2001). It only has a two person development team and small teams means long development times. Some people are getting impatient.

Not me. Though I look forward to They Came from Hollywood, I’m past the point of excitement. I just want a good game that unleashes my inner killer robot.


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