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Sparta: Ancient Wars

April 1st, 2005 by Troy Goodfellow · No Comments · Uncategorized

Another ancient themed game on the distant horizon (2006).

Being an unbiased and tolerant guy, I’m trying not to laugh at the fractured English in the press release but if you want gamers and gaming “journalists” to take you seriously in the English language media, you really have to do better than:

“Such realistic and pitiless battlefield scenarios have only been shown in Hollywood movies until date.”


Everyone has heard of the storied legend from the war against Troy, where hero Achilles fought a great battle. But someone might know more details from history or Latin at school, than from the movies.”


But not only these cut scenes provide an impressive background. Also unpredictable events provide sudden changes, contradict existing missions and require complete new tactics.”

Anyway, despite promises of a new physics engine and “bloody injuries and killed units that are left behind”, this is not one that will go on my want list. At least not until I have a little more information.


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