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Crusader Kings II Stream Tonight

April 12th, 2013 by Troy Goodfellow · 6 Comments · Me, Paradox

While I fight with posts that are much longer than the number of people that will read them, I do want to keep one promise which is that I would stream a learning game of Crusader Kings II for people that are curious but afraid.

So tonight, for three hours starting at 8:00 PM Eastern Time, I will use the Irish opening on my Twitch channel: http://twitch.tv/troygoodfellow. If you already know how to play, and play well, you won’t learn much watching me. If you want to get the basics down, stop by and we’ll see what happens (CK2 can lead to random endings…).

I’ll answer questions as best I can, and it will be only me on the audio, unless someone wants to come on with me and ask leading questions.

I will link to the archived video once I am finished.

And here is the video: http://www.twitch.tv/troygoodfellow/b/390088638

EDIT: And just like that I forget to save it forever and it is gone. I will try to do one again shortly and be more careful about it. If anyone downloaded it or archived it…


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  • Simon

    Great idea!

    I love that game and its strategic possibities but it has such a big learning curve that one needs a great curiosity to learn the game by themselves. I’d love to hear or read an eventual deeper analysis of that game. It’s the first time I hear the expression “Irish opening”, but everyone I know who began playing the game started in Ireland.

  • Chris Floyd

    This is just what I need! Sorry to have missed the live stream, but I will watch the archived one once it’s available.

  • carltonbauheimer

    Thanks for this! I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet (just now read your post, actually) but I haven’t gotten around to playing CKII either, and I’ve had that for a year. Maybe now I’ll finally be able to suss out some of this stuff and sink some hours into building a digital dynasty.

    Maybe just because I spent more time with it, but EU3 seems a lot less complicated at first glance.

  • jeffleigh

    Hey Troy, I missed the opportunity to see the stream but is the video up yet? The link you gave goes no where (just your twitch account, says no video available).

  • TristanC

    Yeah, it was on the TwitchTV past broadcasts, along with the one with Jenn that remains on there, but it appears to’ve been removed now. I’d watched it a day or two after the livestream when it was still there.

    Nice stream, and though I’m a veteran CK2 player I’d still enjoy seeing the video of the game continued from where the first left off.

  • sclpls

    This is fantastic. Would love to see you do this for one of Vic Davis’s games.