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Welcome to My Thoughts on FoSTV and Supervision Required

October 1st, 2012 by Troy Goodfellow · 6 Comments · FoSTV, Supervision Required

I promised to talk about video things. Here is a video that talks about those things – Flash of Steel TV (my video strategy game blog) and Supervision Required.

Apologies for the camera and lighting stuff. I need to see these things in the wild to get a sense of how they work.

If someone can tell me why my tags aren’t showing up on Youtube, that would be awesome, too. As would subscribing to the channel.


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  • Tareq

    Hooray! We finally have some raw video of Troy! And yes, u need to work on the lighting and maybe later do some editing so you can stand out from all the amateur videos u see online. I’m glad things are going along smoothly and I’m curious to hear (and see!!) the discussion on your first topic for the show. Best of luck

  • Troy Goodfellow

    Yeah, most videos will be majority gameplay footage. I have a couple of studio lights to help me look good, but I have limited space to arrange them. A proper video camera is on my Xmas list.

  • Scott

    I would recommend allowing rating on the videos you upload. There is no downside to it unless you expect a large amount of down votes. (I imagine for now that everybody who would find their way to your videos likes it anyhow) As for the tags it is hard to say what is going wrong unless you upload a screen shot of the youtube video management for this video.

    I hope going into this new direction gets you a new large audience, streaming and youtube is really exciting in many ways.

  • Troy Goodfellow

    Hey Scott.

    Ratings are allowed, just not public yet. I will make them so for future videos, but since this is an announcement one I chose to keep that information private for my own analysis. Rest assured, I am not afraid of feedback – never have been.

    Will check the tag thing again.

  • Tom Chick

    Looks good, Troy! Looking forward to seeing your video empire develop.

    However, unless you want to reinforce the idea that you’re a hobbit, you might want to rethink how you frame the shot. There are plenty of ways to call attention to your copy of Agricola without giving it the top third of the screen. :)

  • Troy Goodfellow

    Yes, I am aware of the framing issues. Limitations of space at the time and this was a one off thing for the most part just to test basic hardware. Few videos will have me on camera.

    But thanks for the tip.