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Napoleon Needed More Shovels

February 9th, 2010 by Troy Goodfellow · 9 Comments · Me

The radio silence has mostly been induced by my unwillingness to do much of anything in the face of so much snow. I live in the Metro DC area and we were buried. And more is coming today. I just hope we can maintain power while I record the podcast tonight. (We’re a night later than usual.)

Many sidewalks aren’t cleared, so I get that Grande Armee Returning From Moscow feeling whenever I trudge outside. The determination of Capital Area drivers has led to accidents, traffic backups and probably a little hysteria as they try to drive their not-nearly-designed-for-this cars up and down the highway by my house.

So I think I will dig up a good winter war sim and try to take advantage of my current mindset.


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  • Jared H.

    I was surprised at just how bad the city’s streets were when I was watching the news last night, I live in Frederick County and once you get out of the neighborhoods all our roads are fine.

  • Nathan Hoobler

    You should use this as an excuse to write about the best uses of weather in War Games!

    In Arlington where I am, all of the main arteries seem to be cleared up, but now there are 6-foot tall/3-foot thick snow walls blocking any of the cars from actually making it to the road. And of course, I don’t want to think how it’s going to look with a freeze/another 8-12″ on top of this mess…

  • James Allen

    It’s 61 degrees here. :-P

  • Jason Lefkowitz

    I’m in DC too! We need a DC wargamer’s meetup or something.

    Once the snow melts, that is :-D

  • Scott R. Krol

    Wusses. When I lived up north I had to trudge uphill, with fourteen foot snowdrifts surrounding me and packs of hungry wolves circling, just for a game of Panzer Leader.

  • Kalle

    I thought you did your job indoors, at home, in front of a computer, playing games. Do you need to dig a path through the snow drifts to get to your office now? :)

  • Ken Wootton

    Cheer up. It’s only 7 inches on top of the 27” from Sat. … so far. Lord it’s snowing hard at the moment. It must be time to play some games … after I’m done using the snow blower, again.

  • Warren

    When I was a kid (back in the Stone Age), I moved from Chicago to the DC Area, Gaithersburg specifically, just as the first housing was going up out there. The first time it snowed, I went to the bus stop for Darnestown Elementary, thinking nothing of the 2 inches of snow that had fallen overnight. My brother and I waited, and waited; just us and the cow behind the electric fence across the pike. And after an hour went home wondering where everyone else was.

    We were shocked to discover that the town we had moved to had all of one snowplow to cover the entire town and surrounding area. 2 inches of snow had brought the entire area to a stand still. They even called off school … for 2 inches!

    My parents moved to DC proper (University Park) some twenty years later after returning to Chicagoland. They said that anything over 6 inches there was catastrophic even then, and that the only way to get anywhere was on the Metro. (I hear that the Metro goes out into Montgomery County including Gaithersburg now – so hard for me to imagine that)

    All snow that you’re seeing there now, even up North that would slow things down. Must be paralysis there.

  • Ginger Yellow

    I was in DC for a conference and some sightseeing last week. The snow fell just as the sightseeing bit of my trip was supposed to start, and then my flight home got cancelled. As an extra bonus, the hotel I was staying in near the conference was miles out of town. So I ended up basically trapped in my hotel room for three days. I managed to get to a grand total of two museums in the entire trip. Fun times.