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E3 Week

June 5th, 2011 by Troy Goodfellow · 5 Comments · E3

2011 will be my first E3 as non-media. For the bulk of the show I will be parked at the Meeting Room for one of our clients, CD Projekt Red, as they show off the Xbox 360 version of what is being widely hailed as the year’s best PC role playing game – Witcher 2.

So I won’t be blogging much unless I squeeze out a national character article in between taking business cards and shaking down all my former colleagues about the cool stuff they’ve seen. The podcast will carry on without me, though I regret having to skip this episode.

I will, however, twitter as much as I can about what and who I see. Boring, I know. And expensive given the data costs of doing it out of Rogers territory. If you are interested in that sort of thing, you can follow me here, but you will be better off following any of the dozens of games journalists I follow.

I would give you a list of people of to follow, but I have to be friends with everyone in the media now.


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  • Tim James

    Are they giving you a silver sword to wield in the booth?

  • Wolfox

    Ok, here’s a list of great people to follow:

    Bill Abner – @TheAbner
    Todd Brakke – @ubrakto
    Brandon Cackowski-Schnell – @MisterBinky
    Danielle Riendeau – @danielleri

    Knowledgeable readers will recognize those people as the regular staff for Jumping the Shark, Gameshark’s official podcast – which, by the way, will have a few episodes recorded on-site on E3 this year, just like they did last year – and I’m sure it will be lots of fun, as it was last year.

    BTW, Troy was there last year, and I’m sure he can vouch for how fun it was. I have a feeling that he would love to be there again in the same capacity this year too, and I don’t blame him – the Gameshark crew is awesome. I’m not in the media, and I would love to be there with them! :-)

  • Strangeblades

    Wolfox – Which of the Gameshark folks is the RTS/grand strategy guy? I wanna follow that guy. Or girl. Can ya help me out?

  • Peter S (Mind Elemental)

    Strangeblades – I think that would be Bill Abner; he was the Shogun 2 enthusiast, at any rate.

  • Wolfox

    Bill Abner, mostly (he’s very fond of the Total War series, and quite a few Paradox games).

    Todd Brakke has some experience with those too, but not nearly as much as Bill.