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Three Moves Ahead Episode 106 – An Expansive Discussion with Johan Andersson

March 3rd, 2011 by Rob Zacny · 13 Comments · Podcast, Three Moves Ahead


Paradox’s Johan Andersson talks to Rob about EU3: Divine Wind, expansions, the design process at Paradox, and the newly-announced Sengoku.

Johan’s Q&A with GameShark

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13 Comments so far ↓

  • limper

    the podcast/download seems to be broken :(

  • Rob Zacny

    It’s working for me. Anyone else having issues?

  • jamesm

    I’m subscribed through itunes and it worked for me.

  • limper

    it works now. initially i got an error message about some hash or somesuch instead of download.

  • frags

    It’s late. I’ll download this tomorrow. Really looking forward to hear how the decide on what to do next.

    The odd thing for me is that:
    Crusader Kings 2 announced last year, release 2012

    Sengoku announced this week, release Q3 2011

  • steveh11

    Y’know, I really, really really wish things like this were made available as written transcripts too. They take much less time to read than it takes to listen to/watch a podcast… :-(

  • Zer0s

    Something relatively related, instead of the usual TMA logo I get to see an ImageShack standard pic with this text below:

    “Your country can only view this image by logging into ImageShack”

    I have emailed the President about logging Chile into ImageShack, but for now, can you switch hosts or something? It’s not really important, but a bit annoying D:

  • Troy

    Steveh, written transcripts take forever to write (for every hour of talk, it takes two to three hours of transcription) and almost no podcasts are transcribed.

    We often get requests for transcripts (and always a bunch right after a Paradox show because the global audience often reads English better than they hear it) but so far we’ve not found the time to do it. Sorry.

  • codicier

    For any fellow Brit’s for whom the talk of “why didn’t china take over the world” etc found interesting Channel 4 have just started a series which deals with a very similar topic


    Brits should be able to watch a streamed version of it (as should any others who can fool it to thinking your in the UK with so IP trickery).

  • Peter S (Mind Elemental)

    @codicier – Might I also recommend “Why the West Rules”, by Ian Morris, along those lines? (http://www.amazon.com/Why-West-Rules-Now-Patterns/dp/0374290024) The title is kind of misleading, because it’s really a general “history of human technological/organisational prowess for the last 50,000 years” book, but he does at least touch on some of the different theories as to Western dominance.

  • Peter S (Mind Elemental)

    Whoops, hit “submit” too early. I found the book not just fascinating as a general introduction to a number of historical topics that I know little about (e.g. technological development in Song Dynasty China), but also a really great, lively read. It even makes a very good point regarding China-centric crystal ball scenarios, which reviewers by and large don’t seem to have picked up on. I’d love to see some more buzz behind that book.

  • codicier

    Thanks for the link Peter, I’ve dropped it onto my amazon wishlist since i’m still working through the books and games i recieved at Christmas.
    The presenter of the series i linked (Niall Ferguson) seems quite a polarizing figure so it will be nice to see another point of view.

  • Peter S

    You’re welcome! I own a few Ferguson books (and really enjoyed The Ascent of Money, in particular) so I’ve been looking forward to Civilisation: The West and the Rest for some time. Will see if I can watch the TV adaptation you linked.