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September 5th, 2010 by Troy Goodfellow · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

Starcraft 2 Review


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  • James Allen

    So how many places are you doing stuff for now? Seems like 4-5.

  • Troy

    Regulary? Only a few. But I pick up pieces here and there.

  • James Allen

    The process is interesting to me. Do places contact you about doing a review of a specific game, do you contact them about doing a review of a specific game, or do you contact them saying “give me some strategy game.”
    I’m sure there’s some structure to it otherwise you’d be reviewing the same game multiple places.

  • Troy

    It depends. I am established enough that review work now usually comes to me – I am asked to review a game and then I commit to do it. Sometimes more than one place asks me, and I go with the first one I accept. When I started at CGM, though, Steve Bauman was very open to me approaching him with obscure wargames to review. Still, sometimes I have to remind editors that I am available to review stuff if they have anything sitting around.

    Feature stories are pitched to editors. I work up an idea and an outline and see if he/she is interested.

  • Prof. Loewy-Brueller

    Why are you doing this and why in this way, Troy? Is this an aide-m√©moire or done for readers of the blog? I’m yet to listen to the past two shows, so if you’re announcing and explaining everything there, ignore this message.

  • Sean

    It’s an excellent review Troy. Sadly I lost interest in SC2 after two weeks (probably less). SC2 is a beautifully well made game but RTS’s just aren’t my cup of tea.

    Would it be shameful of me to admit I actually like the gameplay of Supreme Commander II more than SC2?

  • Troy

    Not shameful at all. SupCom 2 is one of my favorite RTSes of the year, and I haven’t even tried the new patch.

  • zipdrive

    I’ve just started playing SupCom2, but I find it “meh”.
    It must be me getting old, but it appears I’m not quick enough with the build queues and construction to fend of even a “medium” difficulty AI.