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Timegate Store

May 28th, 2010 by Troy Goodfellow · 7 Comments · Industry

The Kohan games are personal favorites, so don’t miss the chance to buy them at a very reasonable price at the newly opened Timegate Store.


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  • Court

    Troy – do you know if they’ve updated the code to take advantage of modern hardware? I see they include the windows 7 OS, but when I tried to run KAG a month or so ago, I was getting blackouts across many of the buttons and textures because modern GPUs weren’t supported.

    These are AWESOME games, and it would be wonderful to run them at a modern resolution too…

  • Richard

    The coupon code ‘iibmqtxio’ got me a 10% discount. I believe it’s only valid for a limited number of uses though.

  • Natus

    Sweet! This is very good news!

  • Nightmare

    For some reason, I never got into Kohan back in the day. I think I had issues “letting go” of micro-management in my strategy games back then (still do, hiya Distant Worlds!). Thanks for the link Troy, these have been in my “re-visit” list for a long long time so it may be time to actually do that.

  • Brandon LaRocque

    Just d/l’d the demo for Kohan 2, as I’ve never heard of this yet. Look forward to trying it.

  • Warlock

    All people KAG (Kohan ahriman’s gift) Is the game which is played the most. It’s pretty Hardcore RTS so give it a try.

    People who have this graphic issue don’t give up ^^ just download your latest NVidia driver. (Timegate has worked with NVidia to fix this problem) Ow and BTW if your going to play this game don’t just come in and play an online game. First check the forum to learn the builds and stuff or you will not be accepted ^^. When i first played i got banned and i was called a noob. But than i started watching films and learned. Good luck

  • Javier-de-Ass

    oh yeah, saw this linked on another site a couple of days ago. picked it up immediatly. really excellent value. already owned a copy of kohan2, and only played the demo of ahriman maybe back when that came out.. I certainly didn’t appreciate it at the time. great to finally have them all