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Tropico 3 Early Moments

October 16th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · City Builder, Haemimont

I’m reviewing Tropico 3 for Crispy Gamer, but I thought I’d blog some early impressions.

1) It’s a good looking game – not very flashy and even a little blocky at times. But the colors and animations fit the cartoon Cold War they have on display.

2) The reliance on the almanac/ledger for basic information about your island is too old school for this day and age. Why not have something on the map that shows me how different factions respond to me? The church could fly a national flag if they religious people love me, for example. Or maybe a discreet little menu in the lower right corner with symbols of high, low and medium support or strength.

3) This is especially a problem for the superpower relations. I played one game and was warned that the US was ready to invade and overthrow me. But within a couple of minutes my American relations were at 60%. No idea why or when they changed.

4) I love the radio announcer guy, even if he does get repetitive. Plus, hearing El Presidente’s speeches broadcast to the island population is a nice touch.

5) A lot of my warm feelings so far seem to be inspired by nostalgia. It remains to be seen whether the warm feelings continue.


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  • James Allen

    Have the warm feelings continued?

  • Ginger Yellow

    I have high hopes for this, having played the demo, but I’m concerned about possible repetitiveness, a la Majesty 2. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that aspect, Troy.

  • Grofield

    I’ll probably be buying it, but I’m a little disappointed that it’s basically a remake. Partly because the original didn’t need one, partly because Tropico 2 went in such an unexpected direction.