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Polycast Appearance

September 1st, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 2 Comments · Podcast

Most serious Civ fans know about the Polycast, a podcast hosted over on the We Play Civ fan site by Daniel Quick and other luminaries of the community. (It started on the Apolyton site, hence the name.) I was a guest on the most recent episode, number 76.

Fun group and I’d be happy to do it again. Apparently they’d never had a games journalist on before me, which strikes me as a smart thing to do since we make terrible guests.


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  • Chris Nahr

    Your second link seems to go nowhere but the first link works. Here’s the complete list of the current season:


    I’ve got to say I’m rather amazed there’s an entire podcast just about Civ4. :)

  • Dan Quick

    Hi Chris.

    The second link does go to the listing of PolyCast Episode 76 on the show’s Season 3 page, but may not scroll at all — yet — depending upon your browser’s resolution. (As the latest episode as of this writing, it’s near the top of the page.)

    Speaking of this podcast focused on CivIV, there’s ModCast which targets its modding — PC covers its strategy. The youngest sibling, RevCast, is dedicated to Civ on the consoles (Civilization: Revolution).

    Hope you enjoyed the episode. :)