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Writers’ Guild Hasn’t Played Red Alert 3

January 13th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 5 Comments · Awards

Because if they had, they wouldn’t have nominated it for a writing award.

Nice to see Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! there, mostly because I really love that name.


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  • Alan Au


  • George Geczy

    Oh, so the quality of writing actually is to be considered when giving an award? Wow, you’re really asking for high standards :)

    I also notice there seems to be some confusion about whether the writers have to be members of the Writers Guild or not, in which case I’m surprised they even found five, but then I decided that I didn’t really care about the topic much any more – beyond maybe doing more research on “Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble” :)

  • Scott Kevill

    Yeah, lack of titles where the game writer was actually a member of the guild would certainly explain it.

  • Krupo

    “Following last year’s nominations, the WGA’s selection process, which requires winners to be members of the Guild’s Videogame Writers Caucus, took criticism because many professional game writers do not belong to the organization.”

    Guess the rest should join up. :p