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September Print Screen

October 9th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 1 Comment · Crispy Gamer, Print Screen

It was a bit of a push, but I did get a Print Screen column up in September. It’s always nice when the author comments on your column and is polite, even if I didn’t really love the book all that much. Three cheers for civility on the internet.

In their link to the article, Game, Set, Watch notes that reviews of gaming books are few and far between. They suspect that traffic has something to do with it, and I have no idea how much people are really interested in my game/book/movie commentary at Crispy Gamer. Mr. Keefer could tell you better than me.

If I didn’t think that there was an audience for this sort of thing, I wouldn’t have pitched the column to begin with. Well, I may have; like all lapsed academics, I have the peculiar idea that what interests me should interest all people. But being given the room to try this sort of thing is one of the big pluses of writing for Crispy Gamer – the fact that nobody else is doing this when it seems pretty clear someone should is a mark in its favor there, not a strike against it.


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  • Justin Fletcher

    Well, I like the column, Troy. Especially since outside of the occasional book blurb/review in EDGE, no one else seems to be mining this vein.

    If you need more hits, though, previews always seem popular: “The paper stock could be heavier, but the typography shows a lot of promise. And it even has a compelling story! Due for release in Q4 2008, Game Book X is shaping up to be the read of the year!”