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Hinterland Combat Videos

September 24th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 7 Comments · Preview, Tilted Mill

Tilted Mill has uploaded a couple of battle movies from their upcoming fantasy city management/RPG Hinterland. Not much to see in them since the videos are both very short and very compressed. You see heroes beating on monsters and then picking up loot. Not a lot of information about the game in that.

We do learn, however, that there is no “take all” button for grabbing loot. Or, if there is, whoever is playing isn’t using it.


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  • Thomas Kiley

    Deliberate feature, or just forgotten? I guess it could be a way of forcing the player to get each item individually so there is a time pressure. Having said this, it looks like time is paused anyway. Besides, there should still be a take all button with a timer it. Seems stupid to me…

  • Morkilus

    Ah, my favorite feature of Dungeon Siege.

  • Tim McDonald

    Y’know, I’m genuinely looking forward to this, but I’m starting to wonder if I’m the only one who really is. Haven’t seen a huge amount of coverage, but then considering everything coming out in the next few months, that’s perhaps not surprising. Good to see I’m not the only one paying attention.

  • James Allen

    I am also looking forward to this. Between this game, Multiwinia, Mount&Blade, Civ IV Colonization, and ignoring Spore, it’s been a busy couple of weeks!

  • Troy

    Hinterland is pretty high up my “anticipated titles” list. It will be out in the next couple of weeks, but is almost a stealth title considering how few people are paying attention to it – select forums and blogs excepted.

  • JonathanStrange

    The video is thoroughly discouraging. Generic combat with trolls and other monsters. Ho-hum. The other aspects of Hinterland – how a village is started, characters chosen, risks taken, missions assigned – better be amazing or….or else! :)

  • Morkilus

    If it’s what I think it is, combat will be much less grindy and much more nerve-racking… in a Dwarf Fortress/Shiren the Wanderer-good way. After all, you’re encouraged to play over and over, right? Losing is fun?