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The Old Man and the EA

September 5th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 1 Comment · CGW, Electronic Arts, Media

Jeff Green has been writing about computer games for a very long time. But given the closure of his magazine last year and the continual flood of journalistic talent running to the development side of the industry, his leaving Ziff Davis to join EA and work on The Sims shouldn’t be surprising. He’s always been a fan of the series, his daughter has reviewed Sims titles and only a madman would pass up the opportunity to work on one of gaming’s most successful series at one of the industry’s poshest workplaces.

He will definitely be missed. The PC side of 1up still hasn’t quite righted itself since GfW shut down and Jeff had the heft and credibility to turn that into something special. But the fact that there hasn’t been either a Greenspeak column or new Tom vs. Bruce since the magazine’s end, and that many PC games have come and gone without a review gives me pause. On a personal note, Jeff and I were discussing how I could contribute more to the PC side of the site and I guess I need to find out what to do next.

But here’s a toast to one of the best writers in games journalism. He wasn’t afraid to experiment with the magazine and he loved what he did. He’s one of the many people in this industry who has been good to me and to many other writers. He respected his competitors and knew his stuff and was the dad on the GfW podcast.

Good luck, Mr. Green and give me a shout when Sims 3 is almost done.


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