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Sid Meier’s First Game?

August 3rd, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · History, Industry

Stanford University is at the forefront of game preservation efforts. Eric Kaltman is the official blogger for the Stephen M. Cabrinety Collection. And he found this little gem.

The idea that Meier’s earliest published work wasn’t a flight sim is an intriguing one. The “I can make a flying game better than this” bet with Bill Stealey is part of the lore of Microprose’s founding. And now we have a racing game that everyone seems to have forgotten.

(Spotted at Game, Set, Watch.)


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  • steve

    Huh, I didn’t know this wasn’t (relatively) common knowledge. Sid did platform games before Miyamoto, har.

    The first time I met Sid at an E3, I told him my favorite game of his was Floyd of the Jungle, because I replaced his name with my own in the title screen. (The games were written in a hybrid of Atari Basic and Assembler, something Bill Stealey used to call “Sidtran.”)

  • Troy

    See? This is why we need old people in the gaming journalism/archiving thing. All we know is what we read on the internet.

  • rod humble

    Wingman baby Wingman!