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Carving Out Your Own Space

July 22nd, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · No Comments · Escapist

I haven’t linked to The Escapist in a while, mostly because everyone visits there now because of some vulgar little video critiques that I happen to find very entertaining most of the time.

But please don’t forget to read the articles, especially Sean Sands’ A Site to Call My Own. Sands is one of the people behind Gamers With Jobs, one of the best reads on the ‘net and the home of what is probably the single best gaming podcast.

Sands makes the fairly obvious point that “If you’re looking to get rich, don’t go into the wonderful world of independent videogame journalism. ” But, fortunately for all of us, Sands is convinced that he is doing good work and worthwhile thing, even if the sum wage adds down to less than a dollar an hour.

It’s easy to dismiss the launch of new gaming sites. After all, how many do we really need? But as Sands makes clear in his article, the outsider voices add something that is usually missing from the experienced professionals or wannabes clamoring for a job in a professional arena already too crowded with pikers. I can’t imagine my weeks without GWJ now, and I’m thrilled that they’ve been able to secure some top notch guests for their podcast.


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