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Better to Reign in Hell

June 2nd, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 2 Comments · Indie Games, Preview

Vic Davis, the friendly guy behind Armageddon Empires, has announced his new turn based strategy game, Solium Infernum.

Once again it’s a board game thing with card driven game play. The best news?

Play By E-Mail allows up to six players to compete for the Infernal Throne.

OK, not the best news. I’ve lost a lot of my fascination with PBEM especially since there are better ways to do multiplayer. But at least there is multiplayer. And six players, so it’s a real strategy game.

More information will be forthcoming once I can corner Mr. Davis for an interview.


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  • Bruce

    I may not buy a single game between now and then, but I will buy this.

  • Vic Davis

    What if hell is unfulfilled high expectations?

    PBEM seemed like something I could reasonably accomplish… networking code still scares me. But the design is meant to keep the game moving and relatively short… the timer is based on an event deck like a lot of board games. The regent draws an event card… it could be a conclave token which functions as the game’s timer… when X tokens appear then the conclave convenes and the winner is usually the Archfiend with the most prestige… usually.