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Chris Farrell Returns

May 20th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 10 Comments · Blogs, Board Games

Chris Farrell is one of the best commentators on board and wargames, so when he wrapped up his blog in late 2006, my weekly trawl through the internet was a little empty.

Well, he’s back with a new blog full of old content and a couple of new posts. I don’t write a lot about board games here, of course, but as I age I find I really appreciate how important they are for crystallizing design ideas. The best board games have to think more about their players than the best video games do, I think, because you can’t have a 100 page manual and blinking icons.

(Spotted at Yehuda Berlinger’s blog, another great board game observer.)


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  • Andrew

    Chris is a fine writer, but Yehuda thinks games don’t have to be fun to be worth playing, which blows my mind.

  • Michael A.

    Great news. Chris is (one of) the best writers on the boardgame scene.

  • Mark

    Looks like a great blog. Unfortunately is does not like Firefox. When I load a page most of the body of the article renders then disappears. I notice that it says created on a Mac, maybe that’s the problem. So much for “It just works.”

  • Troy

    I use Firefox exclusively and have no problems at all.

  • Bruce

    Yeah, I’m looking at it in Firefox right now. Looks fine.

  • Mark

    I don’t know what it is then. When I load a page it starts off normal and then it spreads out the text through the whole page with big gaps between lines. Rendering most of the text from the article under the comments text. Very strange. I tried Explorer. It works much better except the text size is much smaller in the comments section.

  • Natus

    Bless you, Troy! I am shocked that this news isn’t emblazoned across BGG, where I live half the time. But maybe I’m getting a life and missed it.

    Chris was hugely influential for me as a neo-wargamer some years ago, and he also introduced me to the perpetual glories of Knizia. Very glad he has re-started things.

    Because of their love of wargames of all kinds, I would think that CA boys Farrell and Chick would have a lot in common, no?

    btw, Manoevre is excellent, and I disagree with Chris that it is made obsolete by the excellent RftG, which is another kind of game entirely.

  • Bruce

    Chick is not a wargamer, he is an ex-wargamer.

  • Jason Lefkowitz

    Mark, try starting Firefox in Safe Mode and then viewing the site again. If it works in Safe Mode, your problem is that you’ve got an extension that’s not interacting well with the site. You can identify which one by turning them all off and then reactivating them one by one until the site glitches up again.

  • Mark

    Thanks Jason. I’ll try that.