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Jason Ocampo Abandons Ship

February 27th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 1 Comment · Media

Jason Ocampo has been Gamespot’s in house strategy go-to guy for years. Though I don’t always agree with him, he’s an intelligent commentator and his opinion is always worthy of consideration. Little too mass market in his tastes, but you know, we need people like that on sites like Gamespot. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jason a couple of times, and he’s always been very friendly.

So the news that he is joining the mass flight from Gamespot is a pretty big deal from where I sit. Others have left in the wake of the Gerstmann termination, with, in my opinion, Alex Navarro’s departure being the biggest loss for the site.

But for a genre specialist like me, Ocampo leaving Gamespot is like, well, if Kosak or Rausch were leaving Gamespy. They are the people who write about the games that I play, so the byline carries certain expectations and are in many ways the means the site uses to speak to people like me.

Not that Ocampo was all Gamespot had on the strategy side. Long time freelancer Brett Todd is still a major strategy voice over there.

But where will Ocampo go? What does “another opportunity” mean? Development? Another publication? Wherever he goes, I suppose I’ll follow. Good luck, Jason.


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